Indbygningspejs | Suggestions while building fireplace

Good morning Everyone…

Here at we are going to throw light on the basic factor while building fireplace. providing best quality of fireplace and fireplace accessories in Denmark. best things are use less until you will use it properly and take full advantage of it. That’s why we are introducing the best way where you can use fireplace in proper way.

The things that are recommended

  1. Install fireplace at place where you usually use for relaxation. It may be your bathroom, living room or bed room.
  2. You can install fireplace at wall for combine usage in two rooms with wall fireplace.
  3. Fireplace should not be in front of welcome door.
  4. Fireplace should not be at ventilation of house.
  5. Fireplace should be at appropriate distance from children.
  6. Use pump while filling fuel in it.
  7. Use quality check gloves for cleaning and feeding fuel to fireplace.
  8. Fireplace should be at place from where air below inside the house.
  9. Use fuel for smoke free atmosphere.
Indbygning-med-ramme | Biopejs

Indbygningspejs | Fireplace

Indbygning-med-ramme | Biopejs

Indbygning-med-ramme | Biopejs


Biopejs | Indbygning-med-ramme

These are the some things that you should remember while building fireplace. We will continue with it in our next post that type of place suited best for different location of house via area.




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