Pejs tilbehør | biopejse til indbygning

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Hjul sæt til Monaco serien

Nu kan du let flytte rundt på din Monaco bio-pejs. Disse hjul er særligt tilbehør til Monaco-serien.

IgnoRa ® – glass front of open fireplaces

With glass front to the open ignoRa fireplaces, fitted with brackets at the top of the hole in the fireplace, you can ensure that nothing comes close to the flames.

ignora_bagside @

ignora_bagside @

IgnoRa ® – socket Small

With pedestal elevates you not only the height but also the level of the already exclusive model Carbo and Medius.

hjulsaet | Pejs tilbehør

hjulsaet | Pejs tilbehør

IgnoRa® – bagside til vægmontering

You can easily convert your open fireplace to one wall, with the heat resistant ignoRa back which is mounted in the hole on the open fire, and thus can lean it up against the wall or mounted on the wall.

adekorationstrae  | biopejs

dekorationstrae | Pejs tilbehør

IgnoRa ® – Decoration wood 10 pieces
Put the finishing touch with ignoRa lifelike luxury decorative wood.

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Biopejs | Why Biopejs-Bio Fireplace

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